Daddy in the Briar Patch

Tuesday, February 25, 2014 Posted by Lisa

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My favorite part from yesterday’s post by Sara Rust was the very last line “To be great, we must become like a child - so others can tell who our Daddy is.

I needed to read that. Desperately.

If you’ve been reading me for the past few Tuesdays, you know I’m struggling. This week is gearing up to be just as challenging. You see, I've had quite a fall -- more like a gigantic shove to the ground. Not only did I fall flat on my face but also, I landed in a deep, dark, scary ditch. To top it off, on my way down I had rolled through a briar patch where stinging thorns of grief, guilt, inadequacy, failure, resentment, depression, regret, bitterness -- to name a few, painfully embedded into my flesh.

But God.

He is here. With all the care of a loving Father, He is methodically pulling out each spur in order to safely pull me out of this pit. Yes, they hurt, but the infection they threaten if left alone could be fatal.

Sometimes the pain is so completely unbearable I scream out and beg Him to stop, “You’re hurting me! Let me do it!”

Because He loves me – He steps aside.

Only after being utterly exhausted at trying to pull and tug and ultimately continue to injure myself, does Papa God lovingly say, “I am able. Will you let me?”

I can’t give you a measurement of time to even guess at how long it’s going to take for my Daddy to pull out each spiny dart because I am one prickly mess.  What I can tell you is that God is working. I must get out of the way and quit trying to problem solve myself. My loving Father knows exactly how long it will take and with childlike trust I must believe... 

that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus.” (Phil 1:6)

When He cleans me up from this particularly nasty tumble, I can exclaim “Look what Daddy did!” and may all who hear have every desire to call Him "Daddy" too.

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