Tipping the Scale

Tuesday, November 05, 2013 Posted by Katie

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I think a lot about the scale these days.

Not just the one which tells me whether all my fitness and nutrition pursuits are paying off, but the scales of everything in my life which need
balance. This has been a primary focus in my life of late. Am I getting enough sleep? Am I spending enough time with the kids? Am I setting enough time aside for my household chores, financial management and at-home business? In other words...

Am I in balance??

I made up a new little saying for myself not too many months ago. It goes like this: "Be kind, and keep your life in balance." I love the simplicity of that reminder to myself.

Often, however, in my efforts to remain in balance in all things, I often dig up areas of my life that beg for change or that I wish were different. And sometimes, those wishes for different life circumstances run really deep. Deep enough to cause heart-breaking pain for the desire of them. Deep enough for me to be reminded of the word "covet". As in, "Thou shalt not..."

So here is my practical gratitude tip of the day. It is as much for myself as it is for you. Carry a little notebook with you (or your smart phone...that'll do). Every time you think of something you wish you had, write it down. Then right below it, write five other things that you are grateful for right now in your life.

I think that will help tip the scales a bit in favor of gratitude.
In this case, we can go beyond balance, and hope instead, to be weighed down by thankfulness.

Let's give it a go together, shall we?

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