A Psalm Reminder

Sunday, August 12, 2012 Posted by Joline

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Up for a fight?

Ready to argue your case?

Dukes up? Time to take it outside?

Hmmmm. Politics. Chick-fil-a. Gun rights. The economy. Reproductive debates. Boy Scouts. Military involvement overseas. Obama. Romney. On and on and on.

Guess what?

We like a good fight.

A VERY wise woman once pointed me to Psalm 37. Perhaps it was to relieve me of some of the self-imposed pressure I was heaving upon myself to defend God veraciously at every turn.

"Does He need you to defend Him?"


Psalm 37 provided me with the reminder that any "battles" which we feel are raging upon our nation and our world, are not actually ours. They belong to the Lord. They are His fights. And, He has already won. The outcome has already be established.

Our playground fights with words, Facebook comments, and tweets, only serve to push others farther from the One who holds all of what we are "defending" in His very own hands.

Let's put down our weapons. And let God do His thing.

That leaves much more room for us to love. Don't you think?

(Oh. Go read that Psalm. Ok?)

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