Load Up the Chuckwagon

Friday, June 17, 2011 Posted by Katie

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So there they were…dumbstruck, awestruck, star-struck…STUCK …standing there looking up at an empty sky with silly grins on their faces like they were waiting to see His next trick.

Enter the angels.

"Ahem. Yep, we saw Him fly into the sky too. But he said you were supposed to be His witnesses to the whole world, so….um….it would be cool if you kind of got started with that.” (Acts 1:8-11)

It’s Friday morning and on a Youthworks site, that means it’s time to grab your “Gogurt” and go! Your mission trip is over and it’s time to head home. It’s time to stop gawking at the sky, turn around and face the mission field that Jesus called you to. What does it look like?

Me first? Okay. I’ll start. I’ve got two ideas for the summer.

One, my family and I are going to commit to being “72-Hour Lutherans” with our church so that we can be prepared to help our neighbors in the event of a Hurricane emergency. My kids are going to help me pack the boxes.

And two, I’m going to call a nursing home close to my work and see how I can be of service there once a week during my lunch hour.

Your turn. No really, I honestly want to know. And so do all the other readers. We need to pool our ideas and get the buffet going. Let me see some comments. What have you been considering about this whole Service thing? Where are YOU going to give a FULL SERVING? Dish. It. OUT!

This week’s posts are dedicated in loving memory to Terry Desmond-Chiarello. I never imagined one amazing Youth Ministry service project could produce such a gift for my heart. I am forever changed and forever indebted.

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